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Customer Profile

International 5-star hotel seeks to expand market share through advanced social media strategies.


Despite allocating large social media budgets, the 5-star hotel brand failed to boost bookings.

Below are some factors that contributed to the issue.

  1. Numerous tactics were used by various groups, including in-house staff driving traffic through Facebook ads.
  2. The technology needed to reach a broader audience and make a significant impact was overlooked.
  3. Finding suitable partners posed challenges, leading to longer campaign deployment time and inconsistent creativity.
  4. Internal inefficiencies and external time zone differences caused delays in execution and unnecessary setbacks.
  5. Insufficient training of digital marketing teams hindered the optimization of campaign performance.
  6. Splitting the ad budget among multiple agencies limited the expenditure available for each team.
  7. Inadequate tracking and conversion pixel implementation hindered campaign and expenditure monitoring.


At 1SmartMedia, we strive to offer tailored solutions to intricate marketing challenges to attain specific objectives. In this particular case, our aim was to use social media to expand the audience, enhance brand recognition, and boost conversion rates, leading to increased sales.


To address the Hotels brand’s low sales, the initial step was identifying the reasons for poor conversions. Once the issues were thoroughly comprehended, an effective strategy was developed to tackle the challenges.

Our approach centred on four steps

  1. Our focus was on developing a cohesive strategy to achieve the ultimate objective – boosting website sales and generating online room bookings.
  2. We made sure 1SmartMedia’s digital experts were readily available to assist with consulting and skills training.
  3. We utilized Facebook and Instagram sales and automated processes through their partner software for campaign continuity
  4. We implemented a dual-phase strategy to enhance hotel reservations.

A strategy consisting of two phases.

At 1SmartMedia, we adopt a two-phase approach where each channel complements the other. This mutually supportive approach increases reach and guides the target audience through the funnel, ultimately leading to successful conversions.

Phase 1: Awareness

The first phase of the strategy emphasised on three main points:

  1. Generating awareness about the brand, its various incentives, and offers through Reach and Engagement campaigns.
  2. Using suitable creatives with content that grabs attention.
  3. Identifying the visitors who engage with the content or visit the website.

Phase 2- Hotel Bookings Sales (Conversions)

The second phase had one basic objective:Focusing on maximizing conversions with specific lower funnel bidding strategies and utilizing custom as well as lookalike audiences from phase 1 activity.

A Unique Approach

The native Facebook ad tool failed to achieve the set target. However, our unique approach was able to overcome the shortcomings of the tool. Here is what we did differently.

  1. AutoPilot : Using Third-party software, we can autopilot the entire campaigns process and achieve effective results.
  2. Auto Bid : Continue Dynamic 24/7 bidding factors in goal pipeline auction environment and management style, also bid at ad level.
  3. Auto Budget Relocation : Algorithmic budget optimization guided by goal pipeline and ad set performance.
  4. Auto Pause : Select rules on automatic pausing of ads that aren’t performing well, help improve overall campaign CPA.
  5. Auto Management : Select from multiple management styles. An Automated Facebook optimization strategy.

Results and Highlights

Through our strategy, we were able to achieve 50 million impressions and reach 23.5 million people across 3 global regions. There was an increase of 7672% in the traffic. The cost per acquisition or CPA was lower than other channels such as Twitter , Sojern , Google PPC etc.

The campaign resulted in the sale of 17,563 hotel bookings. Other than the aforementioned results,

VONE campaign strategy also led to the following long-term benefits:

  • Built Custom Audience & Lookalike Audience.
  • Local Data Optimization.
  • High traffic.
  • Increase in ongoing sales.
  • Discovered hotpots for reaching potential customers.

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